Records were made to be broken, changes in 2016 and a new star is born at VEA


An outstanding start to 2016 for buyers and sellers alike.  We have had the pleasure to have some of the rarest apartment types in some of our cities much loved prestige buildings come to us for sale.

The leasing market is very strong and I have personally been welcoming new tenants to our vendors properties, over the last 6 days I have leased 12 properties with a strong demand on the back of my new strategy and unique point of difference from VEA of if the property is vacant and within walking distance from our office it is open every day for 20mins util its leased.  Vendors and potential tenants have been loving this!

Travis and I have reveled in setting new records on these rare finds and know 100% that the new owners have purchased the absolute best in the market and will reap their future rewards.

We have been very busy with our off market private deals and on public market campaigns.  So busy we recognized the need for an extremely accomplished Sales Associate was needed.  We reached out to our friends at Resolver recruitment and a star was found.  A new star will rise 1st March 2016 in our sales team.

Changes to our team was necessary for us to truly grow with those recognizing our path was not theirs choosing to depart.  Everything works out as it was meant to be and we say goodbye to Kate Sommervelle one of our much loved employees and wish her well in her own path ahead.

Our 2016 sales team is head up by Travis as lead and myself with our new star about to join. Our 2016 property management team is head up by Jayne Nancarrow (20 years exp) overseen by myself and supported with Vicheka Youen, Anna Robertson and Stephanie.

We are expanding in 2016 in all ways sales, administration, property management and we only have space for super committed property stars on our team.  Always looking forward our company has been at the top for 12 years now and we are so excited to surround ourselves with likeminded property stars to lift to even higher levels in the future.

If you are looking for the A-team in property to buy, sell, lease or manage come see us in either our Observatory Tower office in Kent Street (92523511) or our Stamford Residence office in The Rocks (92413327).

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